Your Own Machine Learning Brain

The knowledge of your organization, quantified.


Quantify organizational knowledge

With Tanjo's Enterprise Brain, everyone in your organization has what they need at the tip of their fingers, and any new knowledge created is automatically organized. 

  • Auto-generated Taxonomy based on what knowledge is contained in your organization

  • New documents created by your employees are automatically filed into the appropriate place

  • Visually engaging, easy to use interface for your employees to find any information they need, customized based on your organization's specific needs

Facilitate Collaboration and map knowledge

Never again have two groups working on the same problem, without knowing it, and without collaborating. In real-time, Tanjo's Enterprise Brain can alert users about new information available.

  • Employees can tell the Enterprise Brain what they are interested in and receive alerts about new information.

  • Recommend people to publications, proposals, and opportunities.

How Do We Create A Machine Learning Brain?

We train the Machine Learning Brain on your specific area of expertise, and connect it to the most efficient UI for your organization.