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rpk GROUP Announces A Strategic Partnership With Tanjo, Inc.

Annapolis, MD. – rpk GROUP, an industry leader in building education models to last through their Mission, Market, and MarginTM approach, today announced a strategic partnership with Tanjo, Inc., an award-winning machine learning (ML) company based in North Carolina. rpk GROUP will leverage Tanjo’s proprietary ML technology to infuse new data and business analytics capabilities into rpk GROUP’s business and education services model, and Tanjo will leverage rpk GROUP’s design, resource optimization, change management, and organizational development services among its education partners.

rpk GROUP’s Principal, Bryan Setser commented, “AI and machine learning will transform business and education intelligence, but first the change and impact will have to be understood and internalized by people who will partner with machines for tomorrow’s education solutions. Tanjo fully understands the importance of people and machines in partnership to improve society for all. We are thrilled to be working together on designing the future of learning and leadership for education organizations.”

Continuing its approach to bring high impact services and solutions to higher education, k-12, for-profits and non-profit education and training organizations, rpk GROUP will now have Tanjo’s machine learning brains behind its financial analysis and return on investment work with clients . The rpk GROUP-Tanjo partnership will enrich human and machine interaction through AI and ML solutions, resulting in a complete harnessing of an education organization’s data to learn and improve Mission, Market, and MarginTM outcomes.

“The deep bench and long experience of the rpk GROUP are an exciting addition to the growing machine learning technologies Tanjo implements for our clients, “ said Richard Boyd, CEO and co-founder of Tanjo.  “Digital Transformation, especially with the power and intimacy of machine learning, is incomplete without carefully choreographed change management like that which rpk GROUP provides our customers.”

Curious to learn more? Check out the rpk GROUP and Tanjo upcoming podcast, Managing Change and Innovation in Education Organizations With AI Team Members on July 1st, 2019 at here and

About Tanjo: Tanjo is an award-winning artificial intelligence and machine learning company dedicated to achieving balance between human and machine interaction to optimize outcomes. Serving multiple industries from healthcare and education to financial and consumer market research, Tanjo helps customers gain greater business insight and drive actionable innovation. With the Tanjo Enterprise Brain, customers can better harness and maintain organizational knowledge to prepare for digital transformation. With Tanjo Animated Personas (TAP) marketers can test product concepts and messaging to an unbiased group of digital stand-ins that represent their customers’ true values and interests. Tanjo prides itself on delivering attainable machine learning-based platforms that offer customers a 10x or more return-on-investment.

About rpk GROUP:  rpk GROUP is a leading consulting and advisory firm in education, supporting institutions and organizations with their growth strategies by focusing on Mission, Market, and MarginTM opportunities.

We partner with clients throughout the U.S. and globally, including higher education, k-12, public and private sector institutions and systems, educational policy and governance organizations, and foundations. Our teams of experts have helped to launch new organizations, as well as revitalize traditional education institutions.  Through this work, rpk GROUP has become a leading voice in the development of new, sustainable business models in education.

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NCI Forms Strategic AI Partnership With Machine Learning Company Tanjo

RESTON, Va. – NCI Information Systems, Inc. (NCI), a leading provider of advanced information technology solutions and professional services to U.S. federal government agencies, today announced a strategic partnership with Tanjo, Inc., an award-winning machine learning (ML) company based in North Carolina. NCI will leverage Tanjo’s proprietary ML technology to infuse new data analytics capabilities into NCI’s artificial intelligence (AI) platform, Shai — Scaling Humans with Artificial Intelligence — to deliver real-time insights and actionable intelligence to federal customers.

“By augmenting our AI-as-a-service offering with Tanjo’s machine learning technology, NCI will broaden the capabilities we provide our government customers, especially around one of their greatest areas of need — data analytics,” said Paul A. Dillahay, president and CEO of NCI. “As the quantity of data being gathered across the federal government continues to surge, faster results, improved insight and more informed decision-making are paramount. Our collaboration with Tanjo will maximize the efficiency and value of our customers’ workforce and data strategies in this regard.”

Continuing its approach of bringing commercial technologies to the government, NCI will enhance its Shai framework with Tanjo’s proven ML technology, which studies the volume, velocity and variety of big data. The NCI-Tanjo partnership will enrich human and machine interactions through AI and ML solutions, resulting in the better harnessing of government data to learn and improve mission outcomes.

“Tanjo is looking forward to the opportunity to apply our data-driven machine learning to the work NCI is performing for its government customers,” said Richard Boyd, CEO of Tanjo. “Our machine learning tools analyze massive amounts of data swiftly and recognize patterns much faster than humans. Combining this capability with NCI’s AI solution set will arm federal workers with automated insight and access to collective knowledge, which they can use every day to solve critical challenges.”

Boyd and NCI Chief Technology Officer Dr. Allen Badeau will present “The Simulation Century – the Big Leap from Big Data to Immersive Intelligence” at MODSIM World 2019 on April 22, 2019, in Norfolk, Virginia. The session will address the growing need for managing and optimizing the balance between humans and machines to achieve the greatest outcomes.

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58 North Carolina Community Colleges Adapt Artificial Intelligence to Strengthen Data Sharing

Tanjo, the award-winning artificial intelligence and machine learning company dedicated to enriching human and machine interaction announces its work with the North Carolina Community College System (NCCCS) to incorporate a custom machine learning “brain” across its 58 institutions. Developed by Tanjo, NCCCS’s “Brain” will continuously and automatically map, understand and organize information throughout the community college network. This superhuman approach to data-mining allows for optimal content discovery and is a necessary first step in digital transformation. Download the full press release here.

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New Tanjo Advisory Board Bolsters Expertise To Transform Business With Machine Learning

Tanjo Inc., a machine learning and automation company developing software and services to transform businesses, reshape industries and enrich lives, has named an advisoryboard with a broad spectrum of expertise to accelerate digital transformation in today’s businesses across many industries.  Read the full release here. 

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