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How To Achieve The Right Balance Between Humans And Machines To Optimize Outcomes: Forsyth Tech SciTech Lecture Series

Richard Boyd will be speaking at Forsyth Tech in Winston Salem on AI/ML.

The most valuable resource we have in the universe is intelligence, which is simply information and computation; however, in order to be effective, technological intelligence has to be communicated in a way that helps humans take advantage of the knowledge gained. The optimal way to solve this problem is a combination of human and machine intelligence working together to solve the problems that matter most.

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to Apr 26

ModSim World 2018

This is the 6th year that our Founder and CEO Richard Boyd has organized the Simulation Century Event for government and industry at the ModSim World conference. Richard has always stressed the importance of bringing alternate views and perspectives, following Xerox Parc founder Alan Kay's guidance that "perspective is worth 80 IQ points." 

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In previous years Richard has invited Microsoft inventor and billionaire Charles Simonyi and the former music producer for Dr. Dre, Stuart Bullard among others.


This year the event will be held in Norfolk, Va from April 24-26. Make your plans here at

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CSAIC Webinar

Richard Boyd will present during the weekly cyber security and information systems analysis center webinar on "Machine Learning: Achieving The Right Balance Between Humans And Automation To Optimize Outcomes." 

Missed the webinar? Check out the recording here.

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NCTA Tech Talk Live - Ethics in AI

The development, application, and capabilities of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning systems are quickly evolving, leaving a broad range of important short- and long-term questions unanswered as it relates to the social impact, governance, ethical implementations of these technologies and practices. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning open up a brave new world of possibilities, but what do we need
to think about as we move forward in this space from an ethical and moral perspective.

This discussion will provide some answers to those questions as well as insights on how organizations are tackling these issues today.

Richard Boyd will speak at the Metlife building in Cary, NC.

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