TAP (Tanjo Animated Persona)

21st century marketing has seen great strides in the science of personalized modeling of customer needs and desires. Too often, this science results in static moments in time, momentary glimpses of customer intent. Quantitative data analysis has improved dramatically, but there have been few advances that improve the qualitative data that is available in a dynamic way. 

Dynamic, Animated Customer Personas

The Tanjo Animated Persona platform allows marketers and executives to achieve a new deep level of dynamic interaction with customer segments with a client's products and services. TAP allows large organizations to cultivate empathy with their customers, even when the vast majority of a group's employees never interact with said customers. 

Quantifying the qualitative

In general, qualitative information about customer personas has been obtained through various methods such as surveys, and focus groups. The limitation of this data is that it is only capturing a snapshot in time, a static view from one moment. TAP Brings these insights to life, in a continuous  way that allows organizations to stay ahead of their competitors. 

Powered by machine learning

The Tanjo team uses some of the world's foremost economists to help companies without market segments/personas create them. We then feed these personas into our propreitary algorithim to create an interest graph for each person. Built upon over 3 years of R&D Tanjo Animated Personas lie at the cutting edge of AI and Machine Learning. . 

Tanjo brings your customers to life in a way never before possible in traditional market research. Keeping days in the lives of your key customers fresh and relevant using the TAP platform by Tanjo is a decisive and innovative competitive advantage.
- Kevin Clark, Market Intelligence Leader emeritus, IBM Personal Systems Group