TAP (Tanjo Animated Personas)

Tanjo Animated Personas allow marketers and product managers to gather a deep understanding of their customers, and to test messaging and concepts before they are deployed in the real world.  Tanjo animated personas are simulated customers, that learn and evolve over time. TAP’s cost just $750 to create, along with a small monthly hosting fee.


Animated Customer Models

See what topics your personas are interested in every day, and see what they're reading every day.

Dynamic, Animated Customer Personas

The Tanjo Animated Persona platform allows marketers and executives to achieve a new deep level of dynamic interaction with customer segments with a client's products and services. TAP allows large organizations to cultivate empathy with their customers, even when the vast majority of a group's employees never interact with said customers. 

Test messaging

In general, qualitative information about customer personas has been obtained through various methods such as surveys, and focus groups. The limitation of this data is that it is only capturing a snapshot in time, a static view from one moment. TAP Brings these insights to life, in a continuous  way that allows organizations to stay ahead of their competitors. 

Powered by machine learning

The Tanjo team sought out some of the World's foremost economists and behavioral scientists to augment the persona models created by our machine learning system from streams of data exhaust. The culmination of three years of Research, Tanjo Animated Personas are breaking new ground at the intersection of machine learning and behavioral science.  

“Electronic brains, even if they are still far from producing ... the human brain, are nonetheless capable of providing us with a convincing theoretical model for the most complex processes of our memory, our mental associations, our imaginations....” - Italo Calvino